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CARR McLEAN - Electro Adhesion Products:Bulletin Board<i> – No more tacks, pins, glue, magnets, or tape!</i>

Electro Adhesion Products:Bulletin Board – No more tacks, pins, glue, magnets, or tape!
Justick™ is the most advanced next generation bulletin, display and whiteboards available, offering numerous advantages to simplify your world. Simply place materials on the Justick™ surface and they will stick without the use of pins, glue, magnets or tape, just science... Justick™ will revolutionize the way you present, teach, plan, advertise, display and communicate.
All Justick™ products are powered by 4 x AA batteries (1.5V) (not included) or AC Adapter (sold separately). All products are designed to be optimally efficient with regards to energy consumption and on battery (alkaline) power, the unit will operate for up to 9 months and longer depending on the product size. With this triple function whiteboard you can write, display and interact.
  • A next generation bulletin board with premium aluminum frame to display anything from notices, photos or illustrations
  • Click Here for videos on Justick™ products
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83-619Justick Bulletin Board 24" X 36"Call$140.00
83-620Justick Bulletin Board 36" X 48"Call$205.00