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3M 665 Double-Coated Tape
Transparent, linerless tape is a clean, neat alternative to liquid adhesives.

3M Command Picture Hanging Strips
Put-up and take-down pictures often, as needed.

3M Highland™ 6200 Ruban Invisible Tape
Economically repair pages with this matte finish tape that is ideal for mending torn pages.

3M Masking Tape
Low cost all purpose masking tape is ideal for packaging, bundling and many other applications.

3M Scotch™ 600 Transparent Tape
This pressure-sensitive, transparent tape has many uses.

3M Scotch™ 810 Magic™ Tape
Use Magic™ Tape to mend pages “invisibly”.

3M Scotch™ No. 845 Book Tape
A transparent tape for repairing and reinforcing; protecting and covering.

3M Scotch™ Removable Magic™ Tape
Premium quality removable tape won’t ruin your originals and gives a temporary hold.

3M Scotch® 810 Magic™ Recycled Tape Tower
The new Scotch® 810 Magic™ Recycled Tape Tower uses less packaging then regular boxed rolls and the packaging material is made from 100% recycled paper.

3M Scotch® High Performance Transparent Duct Tape
This high performance duct tape is transparent when applied, making repairs less obvious.

3M Scotch® Table Top C-23 Dispenser
Machine-honed cutting blade cuts clean longer.

3M Shelf Arranger Tape
Anti-slip tape keeps your books from slipping on shelves and book carts.

3M Wallsaver Removable Poster Tape
Mount posters and other lightweight items to walls or other surfaces.

Adhesive Transfer Tape and Gun
Adhesive Transfer Gun Dispenser gun applies 1/2" or 3/4" pressure sensitive double-sided adhesive.

Book Bumpers
Keep your books looking new by preventing corner curling, bending, and tearing.

Book Guard™ Book Repair Tape
This tape is durable and flexible, ideal for repairing and reinforcing book spines, reaches a permanent bond in 24 hours.

Book Repair Applicating System
Contains: C-27 Scotch® taping system applicator, four rolls of Carmac® book tape 1-1/2”, 2”, 3”, 4” and one Kapco® squeegee for removing bubbles and wrinkles in book covering material.

Book Repair Supply Kit
Ten of our most popular book repair supplies packed in a convenient acid-free storage box! Contains: 1 roll Econoseal, 12” x 200” 1 roll Cloth Book Tape, 3” x 15 yards 1 roll Crystal Clear Book Tape, 2” x 55 yards 1 roll Paper Hinge Tape, 1” x 60 yards 1 roll Carmac® Super Clear Tape, 1” x 72 yards 1 roll Page Mending Tape, 3/4” x 36 yards 1 roll Single Stitched Binder Tape, 1” x 5 yards 1 bottle Radiant Bond 8 oz.

Book Tape
This acid-free book tape is formulated from 3.

CARMAC® Book Repair Kit
Designed to help save valuable editions.

CARMAC® Crystal Clear Book Tape
Superior clarity and strength in one easy-to-use repair tape.

CARMAC® Double-Coated Foam Tape
Long-aging adhesive on both sides provides firm adhesion to all clean, dry, rough or smooth surfaces.

CARMAC® EconoSeal Repair Tape
Our new EconoSeal tape is very easy to use and offers long lasting protection.

CARMAC® Radiant Bond Adhesive
Radiant Bond is a strong permanent white liquid concentrate.

Cloth Hinge Tape
White, pressure-sensitive Hinge Tape.

Collectors Hold™ Museum Putty™
Removable, reusable and non-toxic Museum Putty secures antiques, collectibles and more, from falling and breaking.

Coloured Paper Tape - 60 yd
Ideal for colour-coding for use in your children’s section.

Decorator Tape Dispenser
Made of chip-proof plastic with weighted base.

Document Repair Tape
A unique combination of very thin, strong acid-free tissue coated with acid-free adhesive.

Double-Coated Tape
Many uses, including mounting of Carr McLean Engraved Plastic Labels.

Double-Stitched Binder Tape
Double-Stitched For refastening the contents of books to cover.

EVA Neutral pH Adhesive
Specially formulated ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), was created for the lamination of paper and paperboard.

Filmoplast® P 90 Plus
New to the filmoplast line, is the filmoplast P 90 Plus, in the new blue box.

Filmoplast® P Paper Mending Tape
Originally designed for mending tears in library and archive materials, Filmoplast® P has found favour in the fine art and framing world, as a means to hinge works done on lightweight papers.

Filmoplast® P90 Paper Hinge Tape
Made from a white, tear-resistant paper and coated with an age protected acrylic adhesive.

Filmoplast® SH Linen Tape
A superior quality, fine thread heavyweight white linen cloth tape that is extremely flexible.

Filmoplast® T Cotton Tape - 10 mil
Available in 4 colours, this natural rayon fabric tape quickly and easily rejuvenates worn hard bound covers.

Frame Sealing Tape – Self Adhesive
Frame Sealing Tape seals off raw wood rabbets and fillets to protect the art and stop acid migration.

Grippit® Permanent Adhesive
The ideal solution, where a strong permanent bond is required for book repair.

HMG Acryloid B-72
HMG Acryloid B-72 is a heat and waterproof adhesive in tubes designed for repairs to pottery, wood, metal, ivory, glass, and other porous substances (except rubber).

Imprinted Colour-Coded Paper Tape
Colour-code files, storage boxes, record books, shelving and more.

J-Lar II® Heavy-Duty Book Tape
This clear, heavy-duty book tape is ideal for reinforcing book spines, splicing periodical covers, laminating folder or album hinges, protecting periodicals, magazines and sheet music and covering the edging on display boards.

J-Lar® 910 Polypropylene Tape
A clear polypropylene tape with a 35 lb.

J-Lar® Transparent Polypropylene Tape
Crystal-Clear to the core.

KapBond™ Book Repair Glue
Acid-Free book repair glue dries to a clear, flexible and permanent bond.

Mounting Hinging Tissue
This pressure sensitive, Mounting/Hinging Tissue is a fine, long fibre tissue with an archival quality, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that is permanent and non-yellowing.

Mounting Strips - See Thru
Use these Mounting Strips for safe, hingeless mounting of artwork to mats.

Museum Mounting Kit
Everything you need to mount graphics and original art using wheat starch and paper hinges.

Neutral pH Adhesive
This adhesive has excellent lay-flat properties and dries clear.

Paper Hinge Tape
Heavyweight, white pressure-sensitive Paper Hinge Tape.

Photo & Document Mending Tape
Ideal for framing, book repair, and mending fine documents and photographs.

Photo/Document Mounting Tape
This long lasting, photo-safe, acid-free tape permanently bonds most paper.

Pre-cut Book Corners
Unique configuration fits all size books.

Pro-ATG Tape Dispenser
The affordable Pro-ATG Dispenser is ideal for affixing book pockets, book jacket covers and date slips.

Resistall #36 Paper by Bryon Weston Paper Co.
Thanks to the requests and efforts of so many Natural History Professionals we are pleased to be able to offer Resistall.

Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive
The perfect product for when you're using not only paper but metal and plastic too.

Scotch Vellum Tape
Photo safe! Vellum tape is state-of-the-art technology used by professional graphic artists and framers.

Scotch® Acid-Free Double Stick Adhesive Pen
Acid-free adhesive is neat, clean, and archival.

Scotch® Easy Grip Tape Dispenser
This lightweight pistol grip dispenser is designed for smaller hands.

Scotch® Scrapbookers’ Glue with 2-way Applicator Acid-Free
The two different tips at either end of this applicator allow both large and small areas to be covered with ease, so it’s great if you’re scrapbooking with various sized materials.

Single-Stitched Binder Tape
Single-Stitched For replacing loose sections into books not to be rebound.

Spray Adhesive
77 Spray Adhesive – General purpose adhesive This fast-drying, general purpose adhesive is a clean, easy-to-use and convenient method of bonding almost anything to almost anything.

Super-Clear Tape
Colourless, clear polypropylene film tape.

Systematic™ Archival Glue Pen
Alkaline PVA adhesive, pH 7.

Tape Packaging Dispenser and Tape
This economical pistol grip dispenser, with lightweight metal construction, allows smooth one-handed operation.

Tyvek® Book Repair Wings
Classic Cloth–This has been the popular favorite among librarians for years.

Tyvek® Book Repair Wings and Corners
Tear-proof Tyvek® Wings and Corners resist water, chemicals, rot, and mildew and won’t discolour.

Tyvek® Super Hinge Tape
Used for repairing books, hinging mats, binding folder spines and much more.

Unbleached Cotton Tying Tape
A flat tape for tying books with loose or warped boards, and for other uses.

Vistatape® - with delayed adhesion
For repairing or reinforcing book hinges and spines.

White Artist’s Paper Tape
White Artists Tape with acid-free adhesive is excellent for flapping, hinging, holding boards to tables, corrections, silhouetting, mounting and more.