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Antimicrobial Sheet Protectors –with built-in AgION™ Technology
Antimicrobial agent prevents the growth of bacteria, yeasts, moulds, and fungi and is safe for humans and animals.

Archival Polyester Interleaving Sheets
These interleaving sheets protect items from abrasion by facing pages, yet allow you to view your pages clearly without turning the sheet.

Archival Polyester Page Protectors
3 sealed edges - This archival polyester, acid-free page protector is sealed 3 sides giving added protection to photos, negatives, prints or other materials stored within.

Archival Sheet Protectors
43-400 Sheet Protectors sold 25/box Archival polyester is the toughest and strongest of all sheet protector materials.

Archivalware® Polypropylene Digital Output Sleeves
Preserve and protect your inkjet or thermal prints from finger marks, moisture or airborne contamination.

Biodegradable Polypropylene Sheet Protectors
These top-loading sheet protectors are made from acid-free, archival quality polypropylene, which contains an additional additive that allows it to biodegrade in 2–5 years when buried in an anaerobic landfill.

Biodegradable Reduced-Glare Project Folders
A unique corner design allows folders to expand to hold up to 100 pages! These reduced-glare project folders are made from acid-free, archival quality, heavyweight polypropylene, which contains an additive that allows it to biodegrade in 2–5 years when buried in an anaerobic landfill.

Herbarium Specimen Sheet Protectors
Unlike polyester enclosures, polypropylene lacks the static that can cling to and damage small plant fragments.

Polyporpylene Sheet Protectors
Lightweight Durable permanent storage for documents and reference materials.

Polypropylene Sheet Protectors
These uniquely-loaded sheet protectors allow greater control when loading sensitive documents, and prevent high-use materials from falling out of binders.

Prestige™ Archival Print Protectors
Stores and protects artwork, photographs, prints, maps, plans and old documents.

Reduced-Glare Sheet Protectors
These top loading archival quality polypropylene sheet protectors are best to maximize binder capacity.

Vivak® Polyester Sheets – A versatile and economical alternative to acrylic!
Vivak® PETG is a transparent co-polyester material used widely for exhibition and display applications.