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3800g Handheld Linear Imager
The Hyperion 1300g linear-imaging scanner is great for in scan-intensive or light industrial applications.

Eclipse™ Bar Code Scanner
The Eclipse™ single-line scanner, equipped with CodeGate® technology, can target the desired barcode and complete the data transmission with a simple press of a button.

Gryphon GD4130 Linear Barcode Scanner
Provides advanced reading performance and decoding for a variety of applications.

Honeywell MS3780 Fusion®
Honeywell’s MS3780 Fusion® combines Omni-directional and single-line laser bar code scanning into a lightweight, ergonomic hand-held form factor.

Honeywell MS7120 Orbit
The Orbit is an aggressive, Omni-directional combination presentation/hand-held laser bar code scanner.

LS3008 Rugged Barcode Scanner
Innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern eliminates the need for exact aim and positioning, and captures even tiny, stacked and poorly printed barcodes.

LS4208 High Performance Barcode Scanner
Multi-line rastering scan pattern - Improves productivity by reducing the need to re-scan barcodes or key in data, resulting in shorter lines at checkout counters.

Motorola LI4278 Cordless Imager Scanner
The LI4278 takes 1D bar code scanning to the next level, allowing workers to scan faster and farther.

MS120 Wand Scanner
The MS120 Series Barcode Wands is targeted toward low reading volume and cost effective solutions.

MS9590 VoyagerGS™ Handheld Laser
Metrologic’s MS9590 VoyagerGS™ features trigger scanning in a new ergonomic form factor that maximizes comfort and reduces fatigue.

Symbol 2208 Laser Scanner
This hand-held scanner delivers performance features at an affordable price.

Voyager 1200g Single-Line Laser Scanner
The intuitive Voyager® 1200g provides fast, reliable scanning of linear barcodes across its full working range, minimizing the need for user training.

Voyager 1202g Wireless Laser Scanner
The Voyager 1202g single-line scanner incorporates the freedom of Bluetooth wireless technology and offers a field-replaceable battery, that can be quickly and easily exchanged.

Voyager 1250g Laser Scanner
Building on the legacy of the world-renowned Voyager series of scanners.

Voyager Handheld Scanner - with Mask Stand
The Voyager® Laser Scanner is ideal for books, documents, inventory control and much more.

VoyagerBT™ - Bluetooth Cordless Laser Scanner
Metrologic’s VoyagerBT™ offers convenience and the freedom of mobility by incorporating Bluetooth wireless technology.