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Card Sorter
Durable plastic construction with 31 divisions labelled A to Z, January to December, Sunday to Saturday, 1 to 31 and 0 to 30,000.

CARMAC® Blank Guides
Every Library should keep a few Blank Guides on hand.

CARMAC® Catalogue Guides A-Z
Made of heavy-duty reinforced index bristol for years of use.

CARMAC® Charging Tray Guides
Standard 5"H x 3"W guides made of heavy weight manila reinforced with cello tabs.

Catalogue Card Convenience Packs
Now our high quality catalogue cards are available in convenient packs for those smaller applications.

Catalogue Cards - Individual
Manufactured of the highest quality stock available.

Category Cards
Easily sort your CD, videocassette and DVD titles alphabetically or in a wide variety of subjects and categories.

Celloplate Buff Card Guides A-Z
Made of heavy-duty reinforced index bristol for years of use.

Globe-Weis Heavy-Duty Index Card Storage Box
This attractive and durable fiberboard box stores up to 1000 medium weight 3”x 5” index cards.

Index Cards
Index Cards are made of medium weight index bristol, rotary cut to exact size, insuring clean smooth edges for fast and accurate fingering.

Index Cards
Quality engineered with precision cuts for uniform size, commercial quality card stock provides ultimate durability and performance.

Inkjet Printer Catalogue Cards
These catalogue cards are designed specifically to be used on inkjet printers.

Laser Printer Catalogue Cards
These cards are designed specifically for table top laser printers.

Library Application Cards
Salmon coloured Juvenile Applications are simply worded with space for parent signature or teacher reference, on the back.

Library Borrower's Cards
The bar code style verifies borrower’s name and has a place for barcode label.

Library Pass Slips
Keep track of student traffic through your library with these Library Pass Slips.

Peel and Stick Quick Cards
When you’re too busy to type a new book card just cover the old one with Insta-Card.

PermaTech™ Continous Catalogue Cards
If your typewriter or printer does not have a pin-fed platen, then these cards are for you.

Smooth Perforated Continuous Catalogue Cards
Manufactured from high quality stock, these lightweight acid-free cards are designed to run smoothly through computer printing systems, producing a clean-edged 3”H x 5”W card with side perforations and guide rod holes.

Visible File Periodical Record Checking Cards
Use with Card Book Units or Visible Card Cabinets.

Visible Filing Record Books
Vinyl clad aluminum record books are constructed of aluminum with black pebble-grain vinyl bonded on both sides.

Wood Charging Trays - Single and Double
Charging trays are available in hardwood with a light wood finish.