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CARR McLEAN - Heavy-Duty Metal Book Supports - Cork Base

Heavy-Duty Metal Book Supports - Cork Base

Cork Bases: Provide abrasion protectionas well as preventing slippage

Colourful and coordinated these book supports will harmonize with all library accessories. Smooth rounded edges prevents damage to books. Tough baked on powder coating surface will not chip or fade. Choose from 9 rainbow colours.

Standard - 5"
High x 4-3/4" Wide Large - 9" High x 6" Wide
Cat. #DescriptionStock LbsEach12+ @QT
45-200-ALMStandard Book Support Almond - Cork BaseYes$4.95$4.80
45-200-BLKStandard Book Support Black - Cork Base4 Wks$4.95$4.80
45-200-BLUStandard Book Support Blue - Cork BaseYes$4.95$4.80
45-200-BURBook Support Regular-Burgundy 5" X 4-3/4" Cork Base - DISCONTINUEDNo$4.95$4.80
45-200-GRNStandard Book Support Green - Cork BaseYes$4.95$4.80
45-200-GRYStandard Book Support Grey - Cork BaseYes$4.95$4.80
45-200-REDStandard Book Support Red - Cork BaseYes$4.95$4.80
45-200-TANStandard Book Support Tan - Cork BaseYes$4.95$4.80
45-200-YELStandard Book Support Yellow - Cork BaseYes$4.95$4.80
69-200-ALMLarge Book Support Almond - Cork BaseYes1.0$8.70$8.43
69-200-BLKLarge Book Support Black - Cork BaseYes1.0$8.70$8.43
69-200-BLULarge Book Support Blue - Cork BaseYes1.0$8.70$8.43
69-200-BURLarge Book Support Burgundy - Cork Base - DISCONTINUEDNo1.0$8.70$8.43
69-200-GRNLarge Book Support Green - Cork BaseYes1.0$8.70$8.43
69-200-GRYLarge Book Support Grey - Cork BaseYes1.0$8.70$8.43
69-200-REDLarge Book Support Red - Cork BaseYes1.0$8.70$8.43
69-200-TANLarge Book Support Tan - Cork BaseYes1.0$8.70$8.43
69-200-YELLarge Book Support Yellow - Cork BaseYes1.0$8.70$8.43