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SenSource Wired Non-Directional People Counter System
A cost-effective basic non-directional wired people counter.

AccuraCounter – Non-Directional Stand Alone People Counter
AC Power Counter – no need to worry about replacing batteries Standalone Patron Counter – walk to the counter to read the total count and reset to zero.

IDT People Counters
A state of the art and cost effective people counter.

People Counter Pro
This infrared beam interruption counter consists of the IR transmitter and the IR receiver.

SenSource People Counter
This SenSource Counter is stand-alone and battery-operated, with a six-digit LCD counter and internal data logger.

Shopguard Wireless People Counter
This small and affordable people counter uses a separate transmitter and receiver to accurately count people up to 13 feet between counters.

Tally Counter
Sturdy 4-figure hand-operated reset counter with special removable mounting base.

Walker Wireless Z-Pro People Counter
Z-Pro People Counters are designed to provide an affordable, highly accurate wireless people counting solution, with flexible mounting options.

Wireless Annunciator with Dual Counter
An invisible dual infrared beam triggers a pleasant chime sound and registers a count on the digital counter when the infrared beam is interrupted.

Wireless People Counter System
This system consists of a Receiver Counter which contains a six digit LCD display, and a Transmitter Counter.