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Carmac® Electromagnetic Security Strips – 100% Compatible with 3M and other Electromagnetic Security Systems!
Our featured Carmac® Electromagnetic Security Strips give you quality security while saving you valuable budget dollars.

Carmac® Tattle-Tape™ EM Disc Security Strips
They protect CDs and single-sided DVDs with a super-thin transparent strip.

Checkpoint® Electromagnetic (EM) Strips
Guaranteed to provide excellent detection in electromagnetic security systems.

Sentry - Archival EM Security Strips
Excellent value and compatible with all EM Systems.

Sentry - Desktop Deactivator
Sentry Technology magnetic Desktop Deactivator is available to deactivate items in the library.

Sentry - Portable Reactivator Wand
This lightweight, rechargable, wand gives you the flexibility to reactivate books individually, in groups or when back on the shelf.

Sentry® - Knogo™ WAM EM System- Wide Aisle Management
The Sentry® Technology WAM detection system is a new product in the field of library security.

Sentry® - Staff Workstation
The Sentry® Staff Workstation increases efficiency at the circulation desk by processing barcodes and desensitizing/ resensitizing detection strips on the first pass.

Sentry® MM1 Detection System - Electromagnetic
A reliable and affordable solution for your library, the MM1 system offers sophisticated digital technology and advanced electronics, to ensure accurate performance at a budget friendly price.