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Conservac GS 555
The GS 555 is compact, lightweight and portable with special vacuum power control for professional dust removal from hard to reach places.

Data Vac PC
The DataVac PC Personal Cleaner sweeps up and cleans out dust and dirt, even in the smallest places.

Data Vac Shuttle
3-in-1 cordless desktop computer cleaning system.

High powered and specially designed to clean computers, printers and all sensitive-to-dust electronic equipment used in the modern office.

Features all-steel 1.

DataVac - Electric Duster
Powerful 500-watt electric motor blasts off dust, dirt and debris to keep computer and electronic equipment thoroughly clean and running at peak efficiency.

GM-80 HEPA® Nilfisk Vacuums - Create a clean environment for patrons and employees!
Nilfisk specialized GM-80 HEPA® Filtered Vacuums are designed to gently remove dust from your shelving preventing dust from recirculating back into the air.

Large Portable Suction Table – Removable Work Surface Allows for Easy Cleaning!
Connect this economical suction table to most standard size, professional grade vacuums, wet or dry, with attachment hose (included), and you are ready to work.

Nilfisk BackVacuum™ XP
The harness gently hugs the contours of the human form, with flexibility towards the operator’s size or shape.

Nilfisk® Eliminator II HEPA Filter Wet/Dry Vacuum
The versatile Eliminator II vacuum cleaner is ideal for wet or dry collection of dust and debris.

The new DATAVAC/3ESD (electro-static discharge safe) with HEPA filter is 99.

Wedge Portable Suction Table
The wedge design of this suction table is ideal for working on books, but can transform into a standard flat suction table by placing it inside the specially designed work case (sold separately).