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Adjustable magnetic whiteboard Easel
Adjustable magnetic whiteboard with aluminum frame.

Best Rite Mega Easel
The versatile Mega Easel is attractive and customizable for a variety of uses.

Best Rite Nester Reversible Board Easels
Nester Reversible Board Easels provide twice the functional surface of a wall-mounted board.

BEST-RITE® Oak Presentation Easel
This attractive and versatile easel is ideal for the classroom, library or conference room.

BEST-RITE® Wheasel®
The Wheasel® has a double-sided dry-erase surface.

Brite Kids Deluxe Teacher’s Learning Centre
This mobile classroom on wheels features a dry erase surface that doubles as a magnetic bulletin board, and includes a wire big book holder, red accessory tray and four recyclable plastic tubs.

Chalkboard Cloth
One wipe removes chalk dust from the chalkboard, leaving the board clean, dry and ready to use.

Chart Caddy® Centres
Keep your charts, maps, posters and graphs organized and readily accessible.

Children's Double-Sided Easel
Art board has a metal dry erase board on one side and chalkboard on the other.

Copernicus Double-Sided Bamboo Teaching Easel
An eco-friendly unit without compromising the quality or durability of the easel.

Copernicus Leveled Literacy System Planning Centre
Use this compact stand to organize all of the teacher materials in a Resource Room or Literacy Program.

Copernicus Teacher Trolly
This compact, folding trolley is the perfect organizer for daily Literacy Intervention Programs and other travelling educator’s needs.

Double Sided Magnetic Whiteboard Easels
Double-sided magnetic whiteboard with an aluminum frame.

Duroslate Chalkboards
A special carborundum slating is applied to a hardboard backing to create a uniform textured surface that produces sharp images and erases easily.

Economy Melamine Dry-Erase Boards
Affordable melamine boards, ideal for classroom or conference room.

Expo® Eraser
Specially designed soft pile eraser for dry-erase surfaces.

Expo® Dry Erase Kit and Organizer
Expo® Dry Erase Kit contains everything needed for an effective and colourful presentation on dry-erase surfaces.

Expo® White Board Cleaner
8 oz spray bottle cleans “ghostlines” from previous use and protects your white board.

Expo2® Dry-Erase White Board Markers
Specially formulated ink with virtually no odour.

Flipchart Markers
Special “no bleed” ink in bright colours.

Free Standing Reversible Boards - Aluminum Frame
Constructed for strength and durability, the reversing mechanism is specifically designed to make flipping to the other side a snap.

Free-Standing Reversible Boards - Wood Frame
Constructed for strength and durability, the reversing mechanism is specifically designed to make flipping to the other side a snap.

Ghent Harmony Glass Markerboards
Harmony works in concert with nature and your surroundings, to create an elegant unobtrusive dry-erase solution.

GHENT Maximizer Adjustable Easel
The Maximizer Adjustable Easel is light weight, portable and adjustable in angle and height, from table top size to free standing 70” high easel.

Jonti-Craft Space Saver Multi-Play Screen
A stage, a store, a drive up window! A smaller play screen for smaller places.

Large Double Sided Magnetic Whiteboard Easels
Large double sided magnetic whiteboard easel with a heavy duty aluminum frame.

Paladin PRIMARIES Mobile Folding Easel
This versatile mobile easel can be used in the open or closed position.

Primary Teaching Easel
The Primary Teaching Easel is valuable for early childhood and primary teachers to orchestrate and store lessons.

Quartet® Flip Chart Pads for Easels
Writing paper in large 50-sheet pads for use with easels, communicator centres and flipcharts.

Quartet® Futura Convertible Presentation Easel
A full-featured presentation easel that converts from floor to table top use in seconds.

Quartet® Steel Easel
Multipurpose, adjustable height Steel flipchart easel with 40" x 29" writing board is available in two surfaces framed in satin finish anodized aluminum.

Re-Write Labels
Permanent maker is no challenge for these labels! Simply rub out with a pencil eraser and re-write your label again.

Regal™ Reading/Writing Center
The Regal™ Reading/Writing Center is a valuable teaching tool for primary and junior classes.

Royal® Inspiration Stations
Designed in collaboration with educators, to make teaching easier and more effective.

Standard Inspiration Station - with Tech Tub™
Designed in collaboration with educators, the Inspiration Station is a valuable tool for both independent and group activities.

STEM Maker Station
Schools and libraries are putting more emphasis on learning through building and hands-on experiences.

Tech Easel – Incorporates technology into classrooms
The new Tech Easel includes features associated with the award winning Royal® Reading Writing Center and aspects of technology common in classrooms today.

WhiteBoardScreen™ Universal Series
A versatile solution that combines whiteboard with projection screen: The ultimate presentation tool for your meeting room or classroom.