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A-Frame Hanging Bag Rack – Holds 240-360 bags!
This hanging bag rack is constructed of zinc plated steel tubing, making it lightweight and movable.

Big Book Hanging Bag Floor Rack
Holds up to 30 big book bags Holds posters, big books, toys and puppets Heavy-duty steel tubing with colourful blue paint Keeps bags up to 30”H off the floor Dimensions: 35-1/4”H x 24-1/2”W x 9-1/4”D Colour: Blue

Children’s Hanging Bag Displays
Our smiling caterpillar puts kids’ hanging bags on their level, where they can browse and enjoy.

Deluxe HangUp™ Multimedia Bags
Sturdy, 60% thicker handle design allows comfortable grasp for all ages.

Deluxe Red HangUp™ Multimedia Bags
Sturdy, 60% thicker red handle design allows comfortable grasp for all ages.

Green Plastic Index Dividers
25 per package Comes with white stick-on self–adhesive letters and numbers

Hanging Bag Display
This economical, space-efficient, rack holds up to 300 media bags.

Hanging Bag Displayers – Holds 20 to 50 Bags
Strong, lightweight racks can be used on shelves, tables and countertops, or directly on the floor.

Hanging Bag Floor Stand
Organize and protect hundreds of books, DVDs and CDs in your Hanging Bags while keeping them readily accessible to your patrons.

Hanging Bags
Store audio kits, books, or manipulatives neatly by introducing hanging bags to your classroom.

Hanging Media Pouches
Colourful media pouches hang on any standard rack for convenient storage and easy circulation.

HangUp™ Bag Caddy
Keep your HangUp™ Bags stored away neatly when not in use.

HangUp™ Floor Spinner
Use this spinner to display your HangUp bags effectively.

HangUp™ Stand
Ideal for any library or storage room.

Hardwood Counter Rack
These handy racks go together in a jiffy giving you a handsome holder for books, DVDs, CDs or videos.

Heavy-duty Book and Media Bag
Heavy-duty bags are excellent for circulation and display.

Kidovation Displayers
Constructed of durable 5/8” thick thermo-fused laminate with 3mm thick phthalate-free thermo-fused edge banding.

MAR-LINE® Hanging Bag Displayers
An attractive new displayer for hanging media bags, available in 2-tier or 3-tier styles.

MAR-LINE® Hanging Bag Islands
The revolving MARLINE® Hanging Bag Islands offer the ultimate in storage capacity in a minimal amount of space.

Media Display Racks
Choose from natural anodized aluminum or black powder coat steel construction.

Original HangUp™ Multimedia Bags
Transparent polyethylene bags with plastic handles that easily snap open and shut.

Shelf Conversion Kit
To convert any existing closed-end bookshelf.

Solid Wood Hanging Bag Racks
This adjustable, tiered design easily holds any size or style of hanging bag.

Swiftaplan® Mobile Filing System
The Swiftaplan® Filing System is designed to make your job easier by managing and classifying your plans simply.

Tubular Media Bag Displays
Sturdy and durable 2 and 3-tier bag displayers are perfect for storing and organizing your software, CDs, children’s books, books on tape, etc.

Wall and Door Rack
These racks may be mounted onto the wall or to the back of a door, providing an excellent way to store valuable materials under lock and key.

Wall Mount Chart Caddys®
Wall Mount Chart Caddys® Includes Small bar extends out 12” (30cm) from wall and large bar extends out 13” from wall x 25”W.