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CARR McLEAN - Acrylic Easels

Acrylic Easels
Create your own budget-beating displays These acrylic easels are perfect for creating your own displays of books—use them on top of flat shelves or even table tops to show your new arrivals or most popular books.
  • Made in Canada
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93-175Acrylic Easel - Smoke 5" H X 3-1/2" W X 1-1/2" DYes$13.75
93-176Acrylic Easel - Smoke 6" H X 4-3/4" W X 1-1/2" DYes$15.00
93-177Clear Acrylic Easel 5" H X 3-1/2" X 1-1/2"DYes$13.60
93-178Clear Acrylic Easel 6" H X 4 3/4" W X 1-1/2"DYes$14.85