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Anti-Static Computer Cleaning Kit
Ozone-friendly and environmentally-safe anti-static cleaner for monitors and entire computer surface.

CD Lens Cleaner
CD Lens Cleaner Micro-thin brushes sweep away dust.

Computer Screen Cleaning Pads
Screen wipes are alcohol-free, which make them safe for all monitors.

Cyber Clean High-Tech Cleaning Compound
Press the gelatinous Cyber Clean deep into keyboards, fan grills and more, for some serious cleaning.

Data Vac PC
The DataVac PC Personal Cleaner sweeps up and cleans out dust and dirt, even in the smallest places.

Data Vac Shuttle
3-in-1 cordless desktop computer cleaning system.

Features all-steel 1.

DataVac - Electric Duster
Powerful 500-watt electric motor blasts off dust, dirt and debris to keep computer and electronic equipment thoroughly clean and running at peak efficiency.

Falcon Dust-Off
Ideal for safely cleaning computer monitors, keyboards and other computer and office equipment.

Fellowes® Disposable Duster
Better for electronics and better for the environment! Blast dirt and debris from tight spots or uneven surfaces with the world’s safest non-flammable, ozone-friendly spay duster.

Keyboard Duster
You’ll find countless uses around the library and office for this simple duster.

PC Clean Air Duster
PC Clean’s Precision Air Duster is the ideal way to remove dust, dirt, and other particulate matter from areas not suitable to be cleaned with brushes, swabs or liquid cleaners.

Screen and Keyboard Cleaner
Keeps computers and laptops free from dust and grime.

Screen Cleaner Spray and Wipes
Dust bunnies giving you a headache? Regular cleaning with alcohol-free, anti-static wipes removes dirt and inhibits dust build-up from monitors, laptops or glare screens for more comfortable viewing.

Statclean Wipes
Clean and protect valuable electronic equipment against harmful dust and static buildup!.

The new DATAVAC/3ESD (electro-static discharge safe) with HEPA filter is 99.

Tub O’Towels® Cleaning Towels – No water necessary and environmentally friendly!
Removes permanent marker, glue, wax, inks, stains, tar, kid graffiti, shoe polish, lipstick, nail polish, food and drink spills, gum, scuff marks, paint, silicones, caulks, urethanes, epoxies, duct tape residue, adhesives, plastics, decals, spackle, bugs, tree sap, grass stains, grease, oils, lubricants, sealants, etc.