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CARR McLEAN - Data Vac Shuttle

Data Vac Shuttle
3-in-1 cordless desktop computer cleaning system. Three power options in one unique unit.
1. Rechargeable
2. Battery Powered
3. For Extra Power… Plug into an AC Outlet.

The Data Vac Shuttle is a three way, lightweight, portable, high powered vacuum/blower specifically designed to clean dust and dirt from computers and office equipment. Less than 7" long, the Shuttle weighs only 8 oz. Specifically designed micro cleaning tools reach the most inaccessible places where dust and dirt collect to create breakdowns. INCLUDES: 3-in-1 Power Unit; Charging Station, Four Rechargeable Batteries; 110 Volt AC Adapter; Micro Extension Tool; Micro Dust Brush and Blower Adapter. One Year Limited Warranty.
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