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Axcess™ Magazine Files
Extra wide, extra sturdy base won’t tip or lean when the file is only partially filled.

CARMAC® Coroplast® File Cases
Save on freight and storage costs with these light weight yet sturdy files.

CARMAC® Folding File Boxes
You can’t beat these budget-stretching Corrugated Kraft Board Folding File Boxes for economy and durability.

CARMAC® Mag Files
Made of tough, heavy kraft board.

CARMAC® Pamphlet Files
A handy, practical way to keep related pamphlets, periodicals and other unbound publications together and undamaged.

Coloured Storage Boxes
Create a low cost, colour-coded identification system with our heavy- duty storage cartons.

Corruboard Stor/File
Tough, 200 lb.

Corruboard™ Shelf-Files
Choose Corruboard Shelf-Files for storage of documents, newspapers, magazines—anything you would like to preserve.

Cut-corner TrimCases™
The TrimCase™ holds standard size magazines but is sized narrower to hold a year’s worth of bi-monthly publications.

Dividers and Backstops
The Divider and Backstop System creates rows for CDs and DVDs and keeps them in place and under control, even if the rows are not full.

Folding Magazine File Boxes
The bottom flap of our Folding Magazine File Box simply snaps into place making assembly time almost nonexistent.

Kwikfile Magazine File
Stylish design looks great in any environmental setting.

Large Closed-back File Cases
Store bulky or oversized material in these one-piece polypropylene plastic file cases.

Open Back File Cases
Place files vertically to store magazines, pamphlets or catalogues.

Open File Cases - Plastic
Retrieve materials quickly with Open File Cases Organize publications, brochures, pamphlets and more with tough open file cases.

Oxford Decorack Shelf File
Multi section desktop file holds catalogues, magazines, binders, phone books and much more.

Pamphlet Storage Boxes
Low cost storage for pamphlets and periodicals.

Plastic Princton Files - Pain and Felt Base
The open-back and open-top design of these Plastic Files provides easy access to publications.

Polypropylene File Cases – Acid-free
Keep publications, brochures and catalogues neatly organized in these high-quality, durable file cases.

Princeton Files
Strong colourful Metal Princeton Files are dent-resistant to last for years.

Record Storage - Folding Tote Box
Manufactured from Coroplast® Corrugated Plastic, a rigid, heat-resistant, chemically stable copolymer of 90% polypropylene and 10% polyethylene ideally suited for archival storage.