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Busy Cube
The Busy Cube is the ultimate activity play center, featuring five fun and stimulating toys in one! Each panel offers a new and exciting game, including: Tic Tac Toe, Flipper Game, Traffic Memory Game, Fun Paddle Wheel, and a Rollercoaster Bead Maze on top.

Animal Friends Wall Mirror Set
The Animal Friends Wall Mirror Set consists of four mountable wall panels in adorable animal characters, such as Monkey, Panda, Hippopotamus, and Lion.

Att: Gamers Dry-erase Posters
Use for posting event information or keeping score.

Blowfish Mirror Wall Panel
The Blowfish Mirror Wall Panel is a dynamic addition to any room and is captivating for children and adults alike! As you move closer to the center of this large convex mirror, the image flips upside down and then right side up! You can even try shaking your own hand! Physics becomes a fun and fascinating experience for kids of all ages.

Book Buzz Bingo
Get your library buzzing with Book Buzz Bingo! This game is played the same as regular bingo, except that callout cards feature synopses of well-known children’s books.

Boom Chair™
Surround yourself in the video games, music, and movies you love with the BoomChair™.

Boom Chair™ P42
Feel your entertainment even more with the BoomChair™P42 with Subwoofer.

Boom Chair™ Rumbleseat
Take your Entertainment experience to a whole new level with the BoomChair™.

Checkpoint® Disc-Mate™ Cases
Case features built in locks that are easy to open and re-secure.

Classic Checkers Game
Some classic games simply never go out of style.

Compact 6 ft. Pool Table – A must for teen game night!
Playing surface 63” x 31-1/2” table solidly constructed with black finish with silver highlights.

ECR 4 Kids Ahoy! Pirate Ship
Pirate ship equipped with inside cabin and windows.

Fact or Fiction™ Game
A sneeze expels nasal contents at 100 mph—fact or fiction? Find out with this intriguing game! Teams practice their critical thinking and research skills as they use library resources to uncover the truth about “fact or fiction” statements.

Farm Wall Panel
The Farm Wall Panel is decorative, fun, educational, and keeps kids busy! Children are endlessly entertained as they move the wooden farm animals to travel and graze around the beautiful farm.

Folktales, Fairy Tales and Legends Bingo
Larger-than-life characters grow even bigger when students play Folktales, Fairy Tales and Legends Bingo.

Funhouse Faces
Turn waiting or play areas into a house of mirrors.

Gelato Café Table & Scooper Stools
This retro designed café set combines functionality with creative appeal.

Giant Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Super-sized game provides larger-than-life fun! The classic game of Xs and Os is played out on a soft foam board.

Great Waits Dizzy Disks
Kids can’t help but be attracted to this colourful activity that goes topsy-turvy.

Great Waits Heat Sensitive Drawing Boards
Uses a unique, heat-sensitive film technology that wipes clean easily with disinfectant spray cleaners.

Great Waits Loco-Motion Panels
Kids engineer their own fun as they manipulate the moving parts of these colourful wall panels.

Great Waits Playsa Face Set
The eyes have it … and the nose and the mouth! This unique activity is sure to bring out a lot of smiles and amazement from children and parents! When kids draw with their fingers or hands on the heat-sensitive surface the colors change and a brief image remains! No crayons or markers to make a mess.

Gresso ltd Haba Learning Walls
Learning Walls do so many things.

Infobase® Floor Sign Stands
Ideal for lobbies and high traffic public areas, the versatile InfoBase® Floor Sign Stand has a crystal clear hard acrylic tilt panel with two viewing sides.

Jungle Rollercoaster Table
Durable, fun and great for large groups of children, the Jungle Rollercoaster Table is the ultimate play table! It can fit up to eight children at once and can also be bolted to the ground, making it perfect for child-friendly, high traffic, areas.

KaBAM!™ Word Building Card Game
The fastest word builders win in this quick-paced card game that promotes reading, vocabulary expansion and spelling skills.

LED Chess Set
Keep your chess set bright, even at “knight”, with the LED Glow Chess Set.

Library Lingo™
Every librarian needs Library Lingo™ in their bag of tricks! This kid-friendly game is played just like bingo.

Library Skills Line UP – A Trio of Library Games
Library Skills Line Up includes three games to help students learn basic library skills.

Motion Message Display
Easy to program multi-colour message board can be changed as often as you like.

Multi Colour Mitt Chair™ & Puzzotto Table™
Create a cozy space in a children’s or teen’s area with a group of Multi colour Mitt Chairs™ and Puzzotto™ Ottomans.

Nonfiction Concentration Game
Introduce students to terms commonly used in nonfiction materials with a game of Concentration! Place the cards facedown in rows.

On the Curve® Carpet
It wont be necessary to grade on the curve because this trendy design rates an A+ with students and teachers alike.

Paragon Gaming Station
Mobile locking storage for gaming equipment The locking Plexiglas door allows you to keep your games and consoles locked up while playing.

Texwood Library Tri-Base Tables
Beautifully crafted, all-wood, red oak tables .

The Children’s Factory Locomotion Trike
The Children’s Factory Locomotion Trike is a smart choice for a child’s first tricycle.

The Children’s Factory Soft Frame Concave Bubble Mirror
Nine concave repetitive bubble mirrors multiply and magnify your simple image.

The Great Coin Caper Game – The Dewey® Decimal “Whodunit” Game that Gets Kids Excited About Library Learning!
Oh no—Ms.

Tuffy Flat Panel Carts with Cabinet
Tuffy Cabinets Carts have all the same features as the open shelf carts plus a 20-gauge steel cabinet with lock and recessed Chrome handles.

Universal Game Case
Use this Game Case to keep all your gaming media secure.

Video Game Console Security Cases
These impact resistant, 3/16” cast acrylic security cases have four mounting holes for attaching the security case to any AV cart or table using #6 screws (not included).

Video Game Subject Classification Labels - Complete Set
Make it easy to identify the ESRB rating of your video game collection.