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CARR McLEAN - Kodak Gold Preservation Discs

Kodak Gold Preservation Discs
The Kodak Gold Preservation Disc has been tested under light and accelerated aging. An extra tough, triple scratch-resistant coating offers superior protection, ensuring longer protection of pictures, data, audio, and video. Gold promotes longer disc life and does not oxidize or break down. The Kodak Preservation Disc uses 99.99% 24 Karat Gold. Individual discs come in an archival quality polystyrene jewel case.
  • CD-R Kodak Gold - Preserves for up to 300 years!
  • DVD-R Kodak Gold - Preserves for up to 100 years!
Cat. #DescriptionStock LbsEach0+ @QT
22-064Kodak Preservation Cd-R Disc See New Mam-A 22-074 - DISCONTINUEDNo$6.50
22-065Kodak Preservation Cd-R Disc See New 22-074-25 Mama-A - DISCONTINUEDNo1.0$148.00
22-066Kodak Preservation Dvd-R Disc See New 22-075 Mam-A DiscYes$8.10$7.85